Stugar Liquid

What does it contain?

  • Steviol glycoside which is extracted from high purified liquid extract of stevia leaves.
  • Organic taste modifiers , which fill up the hollowness of the stevia sweetness
  • Liquid component, which functions as organic preservative, viscosity enhancer, crystallization preventer and stabilizing agent.
  • The formulation has produced much better taste panel report than one of the most recognised brand.

Who can eat

  • Anybody from children to adults and even elderly people can consume these products.
  • Especially Diabetic people who want to control sugar levels without compromising for sweetness in various beverages and dishes.
  • Anyone who are on diet or want to diet to reduce weight
  • Anyone who want to reduce calorie intake

Where can we use it

  • Use as sugar substitute
  • It can be used to sweeten hot beverages like tea, coffee, milk etc
  • It can be used to sweeten cold beverages like various juices etc
  • It is suitable for cooking and baking
  • It can be used for making sugar free sweets as well

How to use it

  • Three drops of liquid stevia stugar is enough to sweeten one cup of tea /coffee/milk or any hot and cold beverages
  • It can be used as similar to sugar.
  • Except that it cannot be used as bulk for some dishes, it cannot be caramelized