About us

When we started on our search for rare, exotic and healthy products from nature, we came to know that, the nature has been a magic ever since its evolution. It is been enchanting, alluring, fascinating and wonderful throughout. It harbor’s so many wonders in it. One of the most fascinating things is plant. There are lakhs of species of plants on earth which are categorized under plant kingdom. The plant kingdom is the most captivating & priceless community in nature, which is referred as “Plantae”. As we all know Roti, Kapada, Makaan, the three basic needs are made out of Plants. Plant is the basic need for any living being to live, be it human or animal. So Plant Kingdom provides everything for survival of our planet earth.

Inspired by the Mother Nature we are trying to get few such amazing things for you to relish & experience the magic of nature.

The new & different variety of food has been attractive for most of us when we visit a new place. Many a times our taste buds fall in love with some flavors and never forget, instead start craving for those flavors again and again when we are back home. “Plantae” would be the perfect place for your best flavor search.

The “Plantae” is established to explore, forage, research, re-produce the rare, unique, exotic, healthy products and make available the goodness of nature for you to love and enjoy your dish to its best. Our products are in fresh form, grown in natural cultivation practices, organic and free from chemicals.