The mushrooms are healthy, most nutritious and contain high medicinal properties. When used as medicine, mushrooms are made into soup or tea or taken as tonic or elixir. Studies conducted over past 30 years (mostly in Asia) have provided data suggesting that mushrooms or substances extracted from mushrooms may aid in treatment of certain types of cancer, boost immune system and reduce risk of coronary heart disease. Research has also shown that mushrooms contain certain substances, which inhibit breast cancer. Mushrooms being rich in selenium help fighting prostrate cancer.

As the Indian diet is cereal based, there is wide spread occurrence of protein malnutrition like kwashiorkor, mar sums and anemia. Mushroom protein is intermediate between vegetables and non vegetarian protein quality. Hence mushrooms are boon to the vegetarian population of poor country in filing the “protein gap”. Mushrooms consists of vitamins like folic acid and B -12 needed by pregnant and lactating women. These are absent in vegetables. Low fat content, absence of cholesterol and rich in linoleic acid make then suitable to heart patients. High fiber content and alka lime ash helps in extraction of waste materials and thus reduces constipation and hyperacidity. Low sodium and high potassium ratio, low fat content control hyper tension and obesity. Mushroom lack starch and thus become the choice of a diabetic patient.

Mushrooms consist of varied medicinal properties. They are antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-tumorous, anticancer, anti-HIV, anti-histaminic, Hypo-cholesterolemic, hepato-& nephro-protective, anti-oxident, stamina enhancer, etc. The renal and cardiovascular effects of mushrooms are worth mentioning. The Volvatoxin –a , isolated from Volvariella volvacea reduces haemolytic effect towards “O” group of red blood cells. Mushrooms like Pleurotus, Agaricus bisporus, A.blazei are also reported to be antitumorous. They inhibit the respiration of tumor cells. Liquid extracts of Pleurotus sajor- caju reduces the rate of nephron deterilration and increases the life span of chronic renal failure patients.

We at “Plantae” mushrooms are grown organically with no chemicals, no added preservatives. These are highly proteinaceous. Apart from having some common properties, each mushroom has a unique characteristics based on their chemical composition.