Stugar Dip Bags

What does it contain?

  • It contains dried stevia leaves.
  • No preservatives
  • The dip bags are made from cotton cloth material, unlike dip bags available in market

Who can eat

  • Anybody from children to adults and even elderly people can consume these products.
  • Especially Diabetic people who want to control sugar levels without compromising for sweetness in various beverages and dishes.
  • Anyone who are on diet or want to diet to reduce weight
  • Anyone who want to reduce calorie intake

Where can we use it

  • Use as sugar substitute
  • It can be used to sweeten hot beverages like tea, coffee etc
  • It can be used to sweeten cold beverages like various juices etc
  • It can be used as refresher drink early in mornings

How to use it

  • For the perfect cup of sugar free tea / coffee
    1. Place the stevia leaf in boling water a cup. Pour freshly boiled decoction/coffee into the cup
    2. Brew the stevia leaf bag for about half a minute or till you get the desired sweetness
    3. Remove the Stevia leaf bag. Drink it
    4. Note Don’t brew it for longer time to avoid the bitter taste of stevia
  • For refresher drink in mornings–
    • The Dip bag is brewed in glass of warm or hot water and drink is ready, Lemon juice can also be added, according to your choice

Uniqueness About Stugar Dip Bags

Why Stugar Dip Bags

  • Unprocessed
  • There is no chemical processing or extraction process happening during the production of this product. No preservatives are used in this product

  • Easy to use
  • The measured quantity of stevia leaf in the dip bag is enough to sweeten one cup of tea/coffee. This gives lesser bitterness or aftertaste compared to directly boiling the leaf along with tea decoction.

  • Portable
  • You can carry these stugar dip bags while traveling or work place or anywhere to brew your hot tea or coffee with sweetness

Why Cotton Dip Bags

  • Eco-Friendly
  • We wanted to be nature friendly by reducing the use of plastic as much as possible and contribute in keeping the environment clean. In the process we have come up with the muslin dip bags.

  • Bio-degradable
  • We use 100% cotton material to make these dip bags. No plastic or synthetic fabric is mixed in the material. This makes these dip bags to decompose completely without harming the environment.

  • Unbleached
  • The cotton material used is unbleached (chlorine free). These cotton dip bags with cotton draw string are non toxic.